Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cell Harvesting

What is Cell Harvesting?

This relates to mobile phones, these use radio cell masts which act as the cell phones link to the mobile networks.

Each cell has a unique identification number the cell id (or cellid). Some cell phones can read the cell id. Being able to match this to the physical location, would be useful, as you or others could know where you are.

Most cell phone companies do not provide the data for where their masts are.

It is possible to collect this data by adding a bluetooth gps to the phone. Applications exist which will then save this data to a database, and can then
map the cell masts to google maps, or similar.

I though I would try this on my Nokia E61 and I purchased cellpos for a small sum. I started in London and only 9 cells had been collected for all UK networks.

Driving to Manchester I collected just under 300 Vodaphone cells.

As I also just got sat nav for the E61 and I could not record cells and use that at the same time so I got an Nokia 6680 as a dedicated cell collector.

This was locked to the 3 network.

So I had the ideas for a cell harvester as a device or collecton of devices which simultaniously collects cell phone mast locations for all the networks.

I currently have four cell phones and four gps units. This allows for rapid collection in cells, on Vodaphone,3,Orange and O2 networks.

So on a few trips (Glasgow, Manchester London) I have collected over 4500 cells,
nearly 1/10 of all masts in the UK.

See Uk Map

It is very difficult to keep 8 devices charged and to download cells for them all
and I need to get another phone and gps to log the last network, T-Mobile.

Hence I need to make a much simpler cell harvester, this blog will record that, process.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

E. Cobham Brewer 1810–1897. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. 1898.
Mantra or Mintra (Persian mythology).
A spell, a talisman, by which a person holds sway over the elements and spirits of all denominations. (Wilford.)